Food Truck Stars

is an elite tool, designed to connect food trucks with hungry customers all from their mobile phone. No more guessing and no more staying hungry!

We know hunger can affect people, so we'll just cut to the chase.

Food Truck Stars

We know hunger can affect people, so we'll just cut to the chase.

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Welcome to the dashboard. You can click the FoodTruckStars logo in the header to return to your dashboard home at any time. Context sensitive help can be toggled on & off by simply tapping on the questionmark icon in the header as well.

The dashboard is your FTS home to view your statistics and control your profile and schedule.

Welcome back!

These are live analytics for your account:
  • Views - How many times your truck has shown up in searches.
  • Promo Views - How many times your promotions have been viewed.
  • Visits - How many times your profile has been viewed.
These manual controls allow you to override your existing schedule and location. If your truck is open later or unexpectedly closed, or even in a different location, you can use the buttons below to adjust your status immediately without having to edit your schedule.
These changes will last until midnight, so don't forget to close your truck!
  • Set my current location (GPS) - Use your device's GPS location to update your position in search results.
  • Update my location manually - Search for a location or designate your location on a map, manually.
  • Current Location - Shows your current status and location.

This toggle allows you to manually open or close your truck. This change will last until midnight, so don't forget to close your truck!
Enter a location or address to get you in the neighborhood. Then you can tap on the map to manually set position. Make sure to click "Set Location" to save the new location.
Make sure to click "Set Location" to save the new location.
Use this form to create a promotion. A promotion will be partially visible in search results and on your profile (while active). A user can click on the promotion to view it in detail. Promotions will run until the specified hour on the current day.
Once you save a promotion (with an end time in the future), it will appear immediately.

Edit Promotion

Promotion content should explain the promotion in its entirety. The beginning portion of the description should be attention grabbing and descriptive since it'll be what people see in search results and on your profile.
This is when the promotion will expire (today). The time should be in a 12-hour format with the period-of-day (am/pm) following.
To immediately stop a promotion, simply return to this screen and set the expiration time to be in the past.

The Schedule Editor allows you to set your weekly open/close times and locations. You can have an unlimited number of schedule items in a day. Each schedule item represents an open time-range and location of your truck. Once a schedule item is saved, it will make you immediately visible to users searching within that time range. Click on an existing schedule item to edit it. To get started, click on Add Time under a day that you're open.

Edit Schedule

Edit Schedule Item


You can enter an address in the field below, or use the Use my current location (GPS) button to use your device's GPS location, or the Set location manually button to place a marker on the map.
Use my current location (GPS) Set location manually
Start time and End time represet one span of open time for your truck at this location. Times should be in 12-hour format and have period-of-day (am/pm) abbreviation following them.

Delete Schedule Item

Are you sure you want to delete this schedule item?

The Menu Editor allows you to edit your menu categories, menu items, and their costs.
  • To add a new category, click on the Add Category text.
  • To add a menu item within a category, click on the Add Menu Item text at the end of that category.
  • To delete an item or category, click on the minus sign to the right of each item you would like to delete. If you delete a category, you will also delet all of its menu items. There is no 'Undo'.
  • Categories and menu items are displayed on your profile in reverse order.
  • Your menu isn't saved until you click the 'Save' button at the bottom of this screen.

Edit Menu

Edit Basic Details

Preview of your profile's banner image.
Click here to upload a new photo.
Upload a New Image
The "static URL" is a shareable URL that you can post on social media, email, and websites that customers can click on to view your Food Truck Stars profile whether you're near the customer or closed. Special characters are not allowed, so please stick to letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores. No spaces. In the field below, enter what the final portion of the URL should be (e.g. )
Preview & Copy URL:
Description of the type of food you serve.
Tell your visitors about yourself.
You can provide a phone number to be shown on your profile publicly.
You can provide an email address to be shown on your profile publicly.
Help make sure your customers are aware of your methods of payment by toggling options bellow. Blue (white block to the right) means 'on', gray (white block to the left) means 'off'.
If you have your own website, you can provide its full URL so it can be shown/listed publicly.
You can maximize your exposure by providing users a direct link to your social network profile. Enter the FULL URL to your Facebook page or profile here in the field below.
Provide your FULL URL to your public twitter feed.
Provide your FULL URL to your Instagram profile.

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